About Rollformers 2000 Ltd

Rollformers 2000 Ltd was established in 1983 by Peter Taylor with more than 50 years experience in the design and production of an extensive range of rollformed products.

It began operations in a small suburban factory and rapidly developed into a major supplier of custom rollformed products. Rollformers then relocated and currently operates from a purpose built factory on an industrial estate in Auckland, New Zealand.

The Rollformers Group, where possible, utilises raw materials with a New Zealand content, taking advantage of the high quality and cost competitive based materials available from local suppliers.

They are committed to the supply of customised steel products, hardware and coil slitting to exacting quality standards, on time and within budget.

Alistair McEwan
MCB (Metal Ceiling Battens), Auckland

“I’ve been using Rollformers metal ceiling battens for over 4 years. You can always rely on a superior batten that doesn’t move or shrink, this helps the Gib Fixer give a level flat finish. I generally order cut to length so you only pay for what you need and the notched ends make for quick installations.

Battens come up to 6.5 or even 7.0 meters in length, removing the need for a join in a large room – this helps to alleviate any cracking.Best of all they deliver on time and ring if there are any problems.”

Customer Care

Our Commitment to meeting your expectations involves understanding and offering solutions to your needs. The professional staff involved with customer care will guide you through our best practice system of order and the information process.

In addition, we strive to give you real-time answers in regard to your order and shipping needs.