CB35 Steel Ceiling Batten Solutions

Rollformers CB35 Ceiling Batten Solutions have been designed to provide a sound framework to fix board for fibrous plaster installation. Its lightness, strength, dimensional accuracy, and stability overcome problems associated with timber framing. There are no problems with unpredictable moisture content resulting in movement, subsequent nail popping and joint movement. Drainage holes allow water to drain away meaning the battens are unaffected by rain and can be installed before the roof is added.

They are quicker than timber battens to install and will save the builder time enough to allow the building of up two extra houses per year.

CB35 ceiling battens are made in New Zealand from 0.55mm galvanised steel (275g/m2 Zinc) G250.Z275 to NZS 3441:1978

  • Saves up to 50% on installation costs
  • Saves up to 40% on material costs
  • Unaffected by moisture and will not warp
  • Available in any length
  • Available from leading suppliers

Batten cut to length service

One of the unique services that Rollformers offers in conjuction with the supply of the CB35 Batten is the CUT TO LENGTH SERVICE.

As we manufacture all of our product in our in-house Auckland manufacturing facility we can run custom lengths of battens to suit the client’s needs. This part of our service has a number of benefits for the end user.

No wastage at installation due to each room being pre-measured and battens cut to suit.

Decreased labour costs for the installation of the battens therefore no measuring or cutting on site.

Battens packaged and labeled in the factory before shipment meaning easy identification on site.

All of the above benefits are offered at no additional cost to the P/M rate of the CB35 batten.

Electrical strapping available in 45m rolls.

Additional CB35 Products

CB35 – Batten Clips – Used to drop the ceiling batten down from the bottom of the roof trusses , allowing accurate adjustment of final ceiling level. Brackets designed to side fix on roof trusses with slotted fixing holes allowing vertical adjustment.

CB35 – Perimeter Channel – Used when no ribbon plate attachment is available this odd leg channel is placed around the perimeter of the ceiling area allowing support for the CB35 battens on their outer edges.

A product information brochure and works order are available on our downloads page.

Notes on Product Handling, Storage and Use

Battens should be stored in a dry, flat area to ensure that the product is not distorted,scratched or damaged. Should moisture damage occur, the product should be separated and dried. Failing to do this could impair the life of the galvanised coating.

Battens should not be used in corrosive atmospheres or in contact with tanalised timber, copper products or chemically treated products (e.g. insulation).

If used in a roof situation, a thermal barrier should be used over the batten. Generally installation of the battens should not proceed until the building has been closed off. However the CB35 batten has pre-punched holes along the length that will allow draining of any moisture collected in the batten.

Special attention should be paid to all electrical wiring regulations.

PLEASE NOTE: Rollformers 2000 LTD strongly recommends the use of electrical strapping to earth across all steel batten on installation. This would prevent any possibility of the battens going live on contact with a power source.