Steel Studs & Track

Rollformers 2000 Ltd provide rollformed galvanised steel studs and track to meet the requirements of the building industry for lightweight, strong and versatile steel wall framing. All studs are manufactured in accordance with NZS/AS 1397-1993 and are able to be used in fire and sound rated situations up to a height of 7.2 meters. Please refer fire rated stud section for relavant information.

Rollformers steel stud and track are intended for use in the construction of non-load bearing walls, both interior and exterior. It is crucial to the performance of the product that the loads applied do not exceed the capabilities of the product. To avoid excessive wall movement or plaster cracking do not exceed the deflection limits given in AS/NZS 1170


For requirements over and above this please contact Rollformers technical department. Rollformers manufacture stud in nominal widths of:
51mm, 63.5mm, 75mm, 89mm, 92mm, 150mm

The following BMT are produced as standard:
0.55, 0.75, 0.95, 1.15

Please note 1.15 can only be achieved in 89mm stud and above only.

All studs have a 34mm face width. Both faces of the stud have a knurled finish, which will assist in the installation of the product by resisting screw slipage and providing additional holding power. Stock lengths are available from 2.4m to 9.5m or for non standard or special requirements  contact the team at Rollformers now.